What Is The Funniest Bus Stop Name You Have Ever Heard?
Hi Guys,

If you grow up in Nigeria, there’s no way you wouldn’t have heard or have idea of one bus-stop name that will cracks you up everything you hear it.


If you hear some bus-stop name ehn, water go almost comot for your eyes due to serious laughter

Today, we want you all to tell us a funny name of any bus-stop you know that can crack people up.

Let’s Go!

Agbotikuyo bus-stop (at Agege Lagos)

Ologolo bus-stop (at Lekki Lagos)

Tabon Tabon bus-stop (at Agege Lagos)

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Akwusi Anubaogu bus-stop (Meaning = Stop and start fighting) It’s in Onitsha.

One Corner bus-stop (at Oshodi Lagos)

Dele Yes Sir bus-stop (Osogbo, Osun State)

Ogogoro bus-stop (Alakija Abule Ado Lagos)

Mortuary bus-stop (Agege Lagos)